About Hector

Hector is a self taught artist who draws his inspiration from the Word of God (biblical scripture), and paints according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

Born in South Texas he has always had an affinity for the arts. Starting at a young age he found peace in drawing. It was an escape from the day to day struggles of being raised with very little in regards to his family's finances. He continued to develop his artistic skill into his teens, but as happens with so many others life diverted his attention to other things. The drawing stopped in his late teens with little to keep his attention on his God given talent. Years went by with little more than a sketch here and there. 

Then it happened. Now with a family of growing girls, his passion for art was reignited in the most innocent way. His middle daughter, who was in 2nd grade, was given a homework assignment which was to create a painting. A quick trip to Walmart to purchase some acrylic paint, inexpensive canvases, and paint brushes was made. He sat his girls at the kitchen table and they, as a family, began to paint. The result was a painting by Hector that was the pride of his girls. From that moment on He has not looked back. 

Over the course of the last few years Hector has developed a very unique style which He credits the Holy Spirit with. Using primarily palette knives Hector paints with an impasto style stroke. Texture and color abound in his work. 

He receives his inspiration by praying and meditating on the Word of God, at times one specific scripture that is laid upon his heart. After which he clears his mind and sits quietly waiting for the Holy Spirit to direct him. Typically a vision will come of what his next work should look like. At other times he will simply prepare his canvas, load up his palette with color, and the vision will lay itself out on the canvas before him. Either way, he relies on the Spirit to lead him in the creation. 

His work is meant to be a servant to others, to serve as a reminder as to what our Creator has done for us and how good He is. Many have said that when they view his work they can feel an anointing being released (peace, joy, healing, etc). To him this is the most important thing, that they feel the presence of God through his artistic interpretation. 

Along with his abstract Spirit led work he also is drawn to marine life as he enjoys time in the outdoors fishing. The colors and patterns that God has given fish are an inspiration to him. He has married his signature painting style with his love for fish in a most beautiful way, and the result is marine life art that clearly stands out as uniquely his own. 

To the end, his purpose is to reflect the goodness of God in his work. 

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