Commissioned Work

Custom commissions are available. (Abstracts and Marine Life)

Please contact me via the email link on my home page or my phone number at 512-755-2843 for a personal consultation. 

Feel free to view my gallery, and if you see a work that is to your liking I will develop a painting specifically geared toward your color preference. 

If you see a piece that has sold and you would like to purchase I will paint one utilizing the same style and colors.


Please keep in mind that due to my style of painting all works of art are unique to themselves. and therefore will not be exactly the same as each are originals.

The same holds true to my fish paintings. No two will ever be exactly the same. 

With this, you have the peace of mind knowing that you will have a unique one of a kind work of art!

All works are signed and dated on the front, as well as signed, dated, and titled on the frame.


All works come with a Signed and Dated Certificate of Authenticity.  




  • Christian Abstract Art Artist


  • Inspirational Inspired art for sale


  • Artist who paints Christian art

Contact:  512-755-2843

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