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Updated: Mar 13, 2019

One midsummer evening in the Texas Hill Country my wife and I found our way to a local festival, the Bluebonnet Festival to be exact. A festival that celebrates the beauty of the wildflowers that carpet Central Texas in wonderful hues of blue, purple, red, and yellow. Truly a time of the year you want to visit this part of the State!

As we walked from booth to booth we were inspired by all of the artisans who attended to sell their handcrafted items, and the numerous artists who painted in oils, acrylics, and watercolors. This was truly our element.

Then it happened, we came across an artist by the name of Guy Morrow. Immediately we connected with his work which was primarily beach scenes and wildlife landscapes. We really enjoy nature and the beauty of God's creation! As we spoke to Guy we learned so much about his background, and what inspires and motivates him. He was not only an open book regarding his life and work, but also encouraging to us in our pursuits as well.

All the while, as we spoke with Guy, I noticed that my wife Patty kept gazing at a print of a crab painting that had already caught my attention. I could see it in her eyes, that work was calling out to her! As we parted ways with Guy, only a few steps from his booth, we looked at each other and both said "did you see the crab print?". That was it, we were going to get that print! We both knew that the Spirit was leading us to take action! It was a limited /numbered print with an original signature (at the time it was a little more than we could afford), but we decided we were going to sow into his art!

You see we truly believe that when we sow into another artists work, we will see a harvest in return for our work! When we feel led to invest into another artist we do not take it lightly. Especially if we both feel it! You never know if that leading to invest is the answer to that person's immediate situation or not. That leading can mean much more to that artist than you may imagine. The wonderful thing about responding to that call is that you can expect that you will see the same favor on your work. Whether you are an artist, salesperson, banker, janitor, teacher, or whatever you do you can expect that because you did your part to help another you will see an answer to whatever you are facing (not only in a financial aspect either).

So, if you find yourself drawn to invest in another Artist do it! Do it with the expectation that that seed you have sown into their art will bring about a harvest in your business! You will never go wrong following the leading of the Spirit.

All the best to you and your work,

Hector Garcia

Our purchase of "On Guard" by artist Guy Morrow

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