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Try Something New - You Can Do It!

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Don't get caught up in only doing what you have always done. Jump outside of your comfort zone, and create something a little different.

I did this exact thing about a year and a half ago. Primarily I was painting abstracts, and one day I wanted to take a leap and paint a fish (because I really enjoy fishing and just how beautiful marine life is). What I did was take my unique style and technique and transfer that to my new subject matter. The two married beautifully! To this day I have sold several of my original sport fish paintings and have had a few commissions for these works as well.

My advice to those who would like to jump into a new subject matter is to start with one that your really enjoy, fishing was mine. It is so much easier creating a work if you really enjoy the subject matter. Next, apply your current techniques to that new subject matter. Even if you think that it may not look good mixing the two give it a try, you just may be surprised!

Push yourself to try something new!

Have a wonderful day Friends,

Hector Garcia

"Texas Tarpon V3" painted in my signature style.

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