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CREATIVITY, The Secret to Finding Yours!

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Want to boost your creativity? We all have a creativity inside of us, we merely need to tap into it. The question is then how do we do that? Easy, ask! We are sons and daughters of The Creator, and as sons and daughters we have His creative nature.

I am often asked how I get my inspiration for my art. My response is this, when I pray (talk to God) I ask for inspiration by the Holy Spirit. It is as simple as that. The next step is even easier.... I listen! Clear your mind, and expect that you will hear the inspiration come to you. Often times I will hear a specific scripture, and after meditating on that word a vision will come as to what my artistic interpretation should look like. Other times I will simply see a vision of what I should be painting. Either way, I have faith that what I have seen comes from the Spirit of God. If you follow the leading of the Spirit you will never go wrong!

So get into the practice of doing this. Talk to God, ask for inspiration. Whether it be in the evening when you are going to sleep, in the shower, doing the dishes, walking in the park, or wherever you find yourself without distraction take the time to simply talk and ask. Then listen. Close your eyes and just listen. You will receive your inspiration!

Have a great day, and God bless Friends,


Live painting of "The Harvest"

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